Sabine Jemeljanova Topless Lusty Seduction for Zip Magazine and Mammarial Mondays

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I've not heard of Zip magazine before, but now it may be my favorite. If you get past all the high-browed and well intentioned content, you'll find the glorious globes of the sextastic Sabine Jemeljanova looking back at your through some artistically placed beads and other creative ways to highlight her intense allure.

Mondays happen to be the first of five days of the work week that we celebrate ridiculously hot chest puppies here on Egotastic!, and first is always best and most important, as my oldest brother reminded me when we were discussing who would ultimately inherit the '82 Dodge Omni hatchback, some body damage. Sabine Jemeljanova is one superbly fine way to kick this mother off. Enjoy.

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