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Thank God It's Funbags! Mellisa Clarke Topless Beanie Crazy Hotness

There's no better way to start winding up this week, hell, any week, than with the utter brunette alt-hotness that is Mellisa Clarke. Not only have we committed to making many babies with Mellisa, she's so incredibly alluring, we might just stick around to raise them (a promise we don't always keep, sorry, Kate Middleton). You throw in that winter cap and those colorful naughty girl tats, and I'm just about ready to melt winter around the world with my own bubbling up feelings of warmth.

It's Friday. Our favorite day of the week. We feel the thrill of unknown adventures on our horizon, like the screaming throngs throwing environmentally unsound confetti along the decks of The Love Boat as it steamed toward Puerto Vallarta. And nothing says mellow out, relax, and get ready to lift your spirits like fine melons on a supremely hot woman. Bless you, Mellisa Clarke. Thank God It's Funbags!

(And be sure to check out a  ton more Mellisa Clarke on her official site.)

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