Toni Garrn Topless Beach Photoshoot Is Grreat!

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Well, hello German hottie model Toni Garnn. The Calvin Klein model at all of twenty years of age was down St. Bart's way and not being shy about exposing her outrageously hot body for the cameraman, shooting au natural, bikini top off, allowing her perfectly natural tubes to take nourishment from the midday sun.

Now, the last time I went to a nude beach, the median (or is that mode?) weight for the ladies was pushing past the Mendoza line in baseball; it was just plain hard to tell anatomically was going on. But with Toni Garnn? Now that is a clothing optional Caribbean destination where I could really employ my spyglasses to the full potential as listed in the advertisement. Naturist visuals. So hot. Enjoy.

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