Tricia Helfer To Play First Female Texas Ranger; Let's Look at Her Topless Goodness

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Cannuckians rejoice. Tricia Helfer, your homeland hottie and former Cylon Number Six, has landed a big time leading role as a female Texas Ranger in the upcoming ABC show, Killer Women. We all will be seeing much more of Tricia in the near future. Though, not as much as when she posed for Playboy without many clothes on, flashing her simply amazingly sextastic body. We just had to share.

Thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus who continue their PlayboyPlus $1 Sign-Up Specialfor Egotastic! readers for bringing us a taste of Tricia, no pun intended. A sampling of the mighty goodies available to PlayboyPlus members. And, do remember, I'm not just a spokesperson for PlayboyPlus, I'm also quite the active member. Again, no pun intended. Enjoy.

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