Zippora Seven Topless and Woodsy in Black and White

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Only perhaps our Aussie fans will remember, but a few years ago, Zippora Seven (a name which sounds like she ought to be a Zappa offspring) was caught up in a big time controversy when a Down Under fashion magazine had her posing nekkid at age sixteen. Which is kind of against the law in Australia. And, they did it twice, just to be sure they got it right.

Well, Zippora is back, in black, and white, and fully legal in this arboreal focused topless natural visual treat. She's got that sextastic allure thing working overtime, like she's not trying hard to get you to want her, and by the time you figure out you do, she'll be three continents away with the contents of your bank account and your beloved miniature schnauzer, Franz. That's power. Though I think you should be safe just ogling Zippora through the monitor. Enjoy.

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