Chelsea Handler Gets Naked For Late Night. Ball's in Your Court, Leno

Yesterday, Jay Leno made it official: he will be handing over the reigns of The Tonight Show to the younger, funnier Jimmy Fallon in February 2014. So how did their late night talk show host rivals respond to the news?

Well, Jimmy Kimmel issued a funny tweet, and Dave Letterman made a funny joke. Meanwhile, over on basic cable, Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler and Tonight Show-host-for-half-a-year Conan O'Brien stripped naked and filmed a nude shower scene.

Yep, that's right: Conan O'Brien, nude and in the shower with Chelsea Handler, having a little chit chat. Obviously, the whole thing was a spoof on the much talked-about nude shower sketch Handler did with Sandra Bullock back in October, and the timing on this one could not have been better. What better way to steal back the late night talk show headlines than full frontal (albeit pixelated) nudity?

You certainly can't do that on broadcast television.

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