Debby Ryan Poses for Naked (Magazine)

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Oh, don't get your hopes up. Debby Ryan is hardly nekkid in the current edition of Naked magazine, but she is still supremely hot, and I'm saying that not even in the most ardent Debby Ryan fan group among you. And, yes, I get your letters so I understand the depths of your devotion (also the intricacies, kinks, and odd fantasies involving handkerchiefs and lilac oil of your devotion) to Debby Ryan.

As we mentioned earlier today, the last crop of Disney starlets of the most recent generation are getting all grow'd up but fast. Debby turns 20 in not but a few weeks, believe it or not. We can only hope the cleave peeks and slightly sextastic pictorials become much racier as the little sweet hottie enters her third decade of existence. Enjoy.

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