Doutzen Kroes Bikini Pictures Are Asstastically Delicious

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I really must stand up and applaud the fine bodily work of Doutzen Kroes of late. The Victoria's Secret Angel has not let motherhood stop her one bit from maintaining just one ridiculously hot bikini body. And that's the way nature intended it to be. So hot women could have many good looking children, they need to stay hot even after their first child or two. It's an essential adaptation to keep the species from getting ugly. And Doutzen Kroes is more than doing her part to keep the healthy mating instinct alive and well.

Bending down, around, and just all around looking like one hot young maternal figure, Doutzen Kroes got major eyeballs in Miami, a town right now where the competition among the hard bodied ladies is stiff, and the men who are unofficially judging minute by minute are even stiffer. Props to you, Ms. Kroes, keep up the good work. Enjoy.

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