Edita Vilkeviciute Covered Topless Glorious Hand-Bras for Elle

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I know it seems like forever that I've been courting Lithuanian super hottie supermodel Edita Vilkeviciuteto be my betrothed, forever and forever, or until the sex stops being any good, so maybe like a year or two if we're being honest. And it seems like I've made little progress in this martial regard. But while some might be deterred by the lack of response to over 882 separate letters of passion mailed to Edita in the past three years, 14 of which contained things that have grown on my body, I just see it as a super sextastic catty woman playing the long teasy game of seduction.

And seduce Edita does in her latest pictorial in Elle magazine France where the long and lean beauty gets so excited, she has to touch her own hot self, wrapping her long fingers around her funbags to keep herself looking modest, and/or just really effin' hot. While we'd love for the kitten to lose her mittens and flash her bare loves to the world, there's something super passion inducing about Edita and her hand-bras, the kind I hope to unhook on the evening of our wedding. Enjoy.

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