Emily O'Hara Dares Chest Up to Lucy Collett In This Week's Battle of the Boobtastic (But Can She Win?)

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I've kind of got my Irish up this week, and how can I not when Emily O'Hara throws her fine pair in the ring against ginger curvaceous darling Lucy Collett. Not since Gentleman Jim Corbett took the title from John Sullivan have we seen such a sporting tournament between two children of Irishy type descent. And while that 19th century pugilistic battle will be forever remembered, if I'm going to see two people dancing around topless and sweaty, I'd just assume it was Emily and Lucy.

But, alas, as the Page 3Battle of the Boobtastic is nothing if not a true sport, one must win, and one must lose. So, in your most humble of opinions, who's ta-ta's reign supreme?

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