Emily O'Hara Goes Bunny for Easter and Topless for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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I would surely like Emily O'Hara to be my third wife. Not the first wife, the one you marry because you're 'in love', which for a guy means you're getting laid daily. What's not to love. Nor the second wife, the high maintenance young woman you marry out of spite for the first wife you were so 'in love' with. But the third wife, the one you find just because you need a peaceful, low maintenance mate who gives you exactly what you need, but not everything you want. It's smart coupling and Emily O'Hara and I would do it beautifully, with few clothes, plenty of cocktails, and cute little pet names for the naughty kinks of our preferences.

Emily did all of us a kindly favor of flashing her twin goodies in the current edition of Zip magazine, providing evidence for my own future marital fantasies, as well as reminding all of you why you can't be content knowing the names of just ten hot women in this world, your list better contain at least a hundred, if not a thousand, if you are to be a true Egotastic! man. Happy Ta-Ta-Tuesday.

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