Holly Peers Topless Awesomeness for a Lesson to Strippers Everywhere

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Yes, Holly Peerswas born beautiful, eventually to have a killer body hard to match by any other members of her species on this planet. But she also has skills. Like knowing how to strip. It's an art form. It truly is. At least from a woman as ridiculously hot as Holly Peers. I once saw my elederly neighbor lady stripping out of her clothes in the apartment building laundry room and I can tell you that was not so much in the realm of art.

But Holly has it going on (and on). That body of hers makes me wish I hadn't quit ballroom dancing after 1/2 lesson form my Groupon deal. I think Holly could have been impressed by my classic dance floor steps. I have to think of some angle until the day it can be the old tried and true 'I have money'. Enjoy.

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