Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Takes It Off in the Office

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Now, we strictly enforce a no nekkidness or striptease policy here in the Egotastic! offices. This is mostly because we're a land of doughy dudes and we will get arrested if we ask the fairer sex to participate in such an unveiling. But if Jodie Gasson worked here, I might risk the legal ramifications of requesting her to remove her kit for work time inspection. Oh, behave.

Jodie Gasson is what I need to get through my workweek. You can have your video games and your online puzzles and your Adderall, I need big juicy funbags on the body of a beautifully curvy woman, dropping her office clothes for a truly well-done job. I feel no shame in my simple desires. Only wants. And on this Humpday, I want Jodie. Huzzah!

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