Humpday Huzzah! Stacey Poole Aims for the Jugulars In Her Topless Office Striptease

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Oh, boy, we unleashed something of a fury with our glamour model showdown ho-down send me letters free for all. So let's call this my last blind submission. And blind is what I would be if I spent any time around the unfettered massive mammaries of British model Stacey Poole. Those knockers could level a hi-rise in less time than the 2400 lb. wrecking ball. Throw in the ginger top, and you know all my weak spots are being tapped.

This Humpday when trapped in the office, why not a visual of the stunning wonderments of Stacey Poole stripping down in the office. In the very least, it certainly seems professional. Huzzah!

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