Jaime Pressly Throws Down With Estella Warren; Let's Look at Jaime Nekkid

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Depending on who you believe, either Estella Warren stole Jaime Pressly's assistant's purse last weekend and Jaime tracked her down to a Hollywood nightclub where the two ended up in an altercation, or, Jaime Pressly just lost her shit. Or both I suppose. Given that Estella Warren not so long ago was punching cops in the face while drunk off her ass, you want to believe Jaime's side of the story. But let's examine the nekkid facts.

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Thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus we have a solid view of the potential crime scene, or a body so hot on Jaime Pressly that it ought to be illegal. Hmm, I'm looking her up and down and she seems to be an honest person. She's definitely not hiding any weapons. In the end, I choose to support  Jaime, with all my heart, and both of my hands. Enjoy.

UPDATE: Playboy Plus just added, oh, 5,000 new galleries of individual models to their library. That doesn't sound all kinds of awesome. Check out the new page for Tiffany Fallon, if you're a strong man that is.

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