Kat Von D in Body Suit So Sheer You Can See Her Butt Tattoos

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For some of you, you will be quite indifferent to the buttockal art on the growing booty of famed tattoo artist Kat Von D. Others of you will wrap yourself up in your combination fetishes and not come out of your personal lavatories for at least a week. Everybody is into something different.

In either case, Kat Von D decided to go with sheer see-through body suit for her appearance at a New York bookstore pimping her tome that I'm sure is packed with great advice for women such as, when a man gets dumped for being a serial cheater and having skeevy ties to neo-Nazi type clubs, he's the man for you. Be sure to get a giant tattoo of him on your body before he cheats on you and you have to get it painfully removed with a laser. Okay, so Kat Von D doesn't have the best track record on personal romantic choices. But as to wardrobe, well, you can decide that for yourself. Enjoy.

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