Leah Francis Topless Pillows of Perfection for Sweet Dreams on Ta-Ta Tuesday

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Boobs will save the world. I will repeat that until you believe it, or it comes to fruition and you're forced to apologize. No worries, I'll be a humble victor. Who wouldn't be gracious when the world is rightfully and properly beholden to nothing but the adoration of fabulous full funbags and the motorboating opportunities therein.

Leah Francis more than fits the bill for one of these chesty world healers. Her glorious mammaries on delightful exhibition this Ta-Ta Tuesday as a harbinger of all good things to come when we turn swords into ploughshares and then trade those ploughshares in for a game of two handed touch with the curvy women of our dreams. Dare to dream. And ogle, squeeze, and permissibly fondle. Enjoy.

Check out Melissa Debling in her new Zoo photoshoot. Her sweater kittens could easily save the planet as well.

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