Michelle Keegan Accidentally Instagrams Her Bare Boobs... Maybe

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(Thanks to a bunch of you for simultaneously head'sing us up on Michelle's Instagram.)

Well, here's the maybe picture of Michelle Keegan creating a big buzz on the interwebs. I'd ask you to decide for yourself, but unless you've seen the British soap stats big bazoongas bare before, it'd be tough to have a frame of reference. We know they're big and beautiful, but that's about the full extent.

Anyhow, this 'self-pic' went up very very momentarily on Michelle Keegan's Instagram account before being removed. Either (a) it was a hacker, but probably not since why would they remove it suddenly, (b) it's Michelle playing a joke and it's not really her, which Michelle is or will be claiming shortly, or (c) those are the marvelous funbags of the Coronation Street hottie. I choose to believe in (c), but I'm an optimist. A very horny optimist. Enjoy.

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