Michelle Marsh Topless Hotness To Quell An Angry Reader

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Oh, sure, I may seem like the ultimate tough guy man's man with manly habits, but deep down, I'm just a curled up sensitive child capable of being bullied like the rest of you. Sort of the way EgoReader 'Nick' from the U.K. blasted me for never highlighting the hotness of Britty glamour model turned reality TV icon, Michelle Marsh. Well I did try to defend myself, but Nick called me all sorts of English slang terms that I'm sure weren't meant as compliments and insisted I followed his advice. Which I would normally ignore, but... he sent pictures. Way to give the pain with one hand and the kindness with the other, Nick. How could I not comply?

Check out Michelle Marsh, because she's super hot and blonde and has an amazing amazing rack. Also, because you don't want Nick writing you nasty letters. Trust me. I had to schedule extra therapy this week. Enjoy.

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