Miranda Kerr Fired By Victoria's Secret! Let's Look At Her Nekkid Body of Work

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To be fair, Miranda Kerrhasn't been fired by Victoria's Secret so much as word is out they will not be renewing her Angel contract when it comes up next month. There's rumors out the V.S. considers Miranda to be 'difficult', which seems to apply to every single top model in the world, but I guess when you can't come to terms on a new contract, it's something you bring out, as if most super hot, wealthy, world famous celebrities are low-maintenance.

Regardless, we suspect Miranda will not have a hard time finding a new job. I mean, my resume only says I like reading, travel, and looking at sextastic nekkid women, while Miranda's resume actually contains photos of her hotself nekkid. Advantage Miranda. On this day of her potential Victoria's Secret exodus, take a look at some of our favorite skin-baring Miranda Kerr photos. Enjoy.

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