Mr. Skin Minute Features Olga Kurylenko, Rachel McAdams, Thandie Newton and Kerry Washington All Topless! (VIDEO)

Wow, talk about a triple feature. Today's Mr. Skin Minute features the finely bared bosoms of quite a few of our hottie celebrity favorites. Maybe it's due to our clean living or our dedication to serving others, or maybe just the aligning of the skinematic stars, but today's MSM looks, feels, and tastes (you gotta try) like the best yet.

This week's video includes Olga Kurlyenko and Rachel McAdams topless in the upcoming To the Wonder, Thandie Newton and other various newcomer hotties topless in rather epic sex scenes in the new DirecTV show, Rogue, and a solid view of Kerry Washington nekkid all over in Django Unchained. It's a doozy. Enjoy.

(Do not leave for school or work without your EgoReader special membership to Mr. Skin.  It's like a Members Only jacket that tells the world you are a serious player.)

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