Sabine Jemeljanova Red Hot and Topless in Black and White

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My definition of the Visual Arts consists of spending most of my waking hours visually inspecting the artistry of hot mostly nekkid celebrity women. It's perhaps not the classic definition, but I own it. But my friends more into the traditional Visual Arts always tell me that black and white photography is the height of visual expression, or some such highfalutin chatter along those lines.

That sort of makes sense to me, but I'm not sure if it's the media format or if it's the fact that the people who shoot in black and white keep finding wicked hot models to take their clothes off for the shoots.

Oh, well, mine is not to wonder why, merely to ogle the ridiculously hot body of Sabine Jemeljanova in this passion inducing black and white photo spread. Sabine has all the tools to build a kingdom of the sextastic, and, just perhaps, in black and white, they are on even more penetrating display. Stare at her for a couple minutes or hours and see if you agree. Enjoy.

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