Sophie Howard Was Silly to Ever Leave Modeling

I'm not exactly sure what the amazingly boobtastic Britty model Sophie Howard was thinking when she gave her farewell to glamour modeling speech last year. But she wasn't thinking clearly. Each of us is put on this Earth for a purpose. It's not about having a gift. Everyone does. It's about properly recognizing your gift and sharing that with the rest of the world. This is what led me to my traveling exhibition of toothpick-and-pea model art. And what should keep Sophie Howard in topless modeling until such time as she simply can't take her puppies out to play any longer.

Featured in a Ketchup photoshoot in Ibiza, what could be the world's hottest bustiest topless mermaid shows exactly where he talents lie and why we must ask her kindly to never take them away from us again. We're all rowers in the boat that we call happiness. And, oh, how I'd love to see Sophie Howard rowing topless. Enjoy

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