Sophie Turner May Just Be the Curviest White Girl on the Planet

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I just like making such bold statement so you guys will send me photo proof of how wrong I may be. It's a boon for my personal viewing pleasure. Though in fairness, Sophie Turner has to be somewhere near the top, with that killer badonkadonk and her curvaceous top, she's putting the hourglass into a blonde frame we typically don't see much of these days. I'm guessing there might be some assistance from modern science, but it's just so much more passion inducing than anything the Kardashian butt injectees have to offer.

Caught leaving SUR nightclub in some tight tight jeans, Sophie had the chance over the weekend to let the entire world see the majesty of her buttside tight curves, that if you aren't right now imagining squeezing between your two hungry paws, you need to go back to male primate school. Enjoy.

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