Tamara Ecclestone Nekkid For Playboy Because Rich Girls Just Want to Have Fun

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So, you're a Forumla One heiress worth hundreds of millions of dollars, you along with your sister two of the wealthiest young hotties on the planet, what do you do for shits and giggles? Well, after you've bought a few mansions, plenty of sports cars, vacationed in St. Tropez, bedded famous party dudes, and bought a literal boatload full of diamonds -- well, you get nekkid for Playboy. Every girl has a dream, and for Tamara Ecclestone, that dream was to flash her bare body on the pages of the Bunny magazine.

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Thanks to our good friends at Playboy Plus for this rather newsworthy peek at the May 2013 Tamara Ecclestone pictorial spread in Playboy. Tamara's pretty damn hot. Add all those zeros in her bank account to her looks and I'm quite prepared to send her my marriage proposal right now. She is engaged currently, but you know how those things go with rich girls. They ultimately marry somebody who will piss off daddy. I so fit that job profile. Enjoy.

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