Thank God It's Funbags! Lucy Pinder's Topless Perfect Play Plays Our Friday Song

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Oh, yes, we've reached the happiest moment of the week. That time in which all the work that is behind is behind, and all the debauchery, sports, and napping on the the couches of strangers lay before. That might be lie. But it's most definitely not a lie, which is why on Fridays of all days, we truly celebrate the fluffy goodness that brings a smile to every man and Sapphic leaning woman's face. Big beautiful bodacious breasts. All the more perfect when attached to a super sextastic woman like Lucy Pinder in her brand new Nuts photoshoot.

Now, I once made the mistake of calling Lucy Pinder the most alluring woman in the world. A mistake in so much as I got tons of angry letters from readers who begged to differ, and since I got zero nookie from Lucy out of such a lofty compliment, well, I've since learned to keep the superlatives to a minimum. But, oh, my. That body, that come hither and play touch football with me look. It's a killer. And a great way to kick off the weekend. Thank God It's Fumbags!

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