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Xenia Deli Is In L.A. and Not Wearing Any Underpants

I'm not sure what excites me more. The knowledge that Moldovan extreme hottie model Xenia Deli is now walking the streets of my hood or the fact that she's doing so commando. I'm going to go ahead and declare it to be the combination of both.

Xenia will soon get used to the paparazzi cameras shooting her from all angles and realize that if you think you're heading out of the house with wider leg short shorts and no panties, you're in for a  rude awakening. Or what I like to call here, happy happy fun times. While we didn't get fully visible lady nest from Xenia, we caught enough of her glorious pleasure zone to render a basic topographical mapping of her shorn areas. Quite nice. Welcome to L.A., Xenia. Enjoy.

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