Anamara Barreira Topless Goodness for Another Big Brother Alumni Victory

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Long time readers of Egotastic! know exactly how I feel about reality shows like Big Brother being oh so much better overseas where there are no FCCs and Puritanical ad sponsors demanding the elimination of sexual content from their television shows. And, relatedly, the show contestants often go on to bigger, bolder, and far more nekkid magazine pictorial pursuits following their TV show exposure. It's truly a foreign concept we drastically need to adopt here in the U.S. to be competitive once more in the world sextastic celebrity market.

But, for now, I will gladly take in the topless fun time visuals of Brazil Big Brother contestant Anamara Barreira featured in the current edition of her local land's Sexy magazine. Anamara Barreira is a girl I'd let call me Big Brother in some very awkward, but truly hot romance time we'd spend together discovering each other's true limits. I have none, so mostly we'd be exploring Anamara's. And with the ridiculously hot body she brings to the party, I'm truly hoping she's one who accepts a dare. Enjoy.

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