Celeste Muriega Topless Bodacious Sudamericana Goodness

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I appreciate all Egotastic! readers, each and everyone of you lascivious mofos, but I do have a special affinity for our friends from South America who both falsely compliment my still in progress Spanish language skills while simultaneously chastising me for omitting public adulation for their particular native favorite hottie.

Like 'Lucas' down Argentina way who wanted to give me a little kick in the pants for neglecting sweet celebrity model Celeste Muriega. Seeing Celeste quite without many clothes in this rather sultry photoshoot, I can see why Lucas was so dismayed. Dismay no longer, mi amigo, for the glory that is the body sextastic of Celeste Muriega now becomes part of the Egotastic! visual lexicon. Forever. Or until my $35 hard drive goes belly up again. Enjoy.

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