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Humpday Huzzah! Ivonne Soto Topless Giant Chihuahuas for the Mexican Bunny

Yes, I get (and delight in) the fact that Mexican actress Ivonne Soto hails from Chihuahua but has funbags the size of great danes. And you know how much I do adore the South of the Border thespianics, if for no other reason than unlike their mostly prude sisters to these north, these hottie TV stars are willing to take their clothes off for the right price and venue. And today's venue is Playboy Mexico, featuring the blonde veteran TV comedic actress baring her wares, natural, artificial, and everything in between for the bunny south of the border.

Someday, I hope that U.S .actresses become so courageous, or, in the least, tempted by offers. Until that time, I shall keep my gaze to the south where Ivonne's playful chest planets are perfectly aligned for viewing pleasure. Huzzah!

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