Humpday Huzzah! Jodie Gasson Topless Goodness Bare and Bodacious in Black

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Can it be the middle of the week already. It seems like I just got behind my computer with a Valu-Pak of Enternmann's mini-donuts and a half-tanked bottle of Jim Beam on Monday morning. How time flies when you're looking at some killer bodies. Though, none bodies perhaps more curvaceously ripe than Jodie Gasson, who I turn to in times of trouble, times of need, or just any time I can get the bathroom to myself for five minutes.

I feel like a photo of Jodie Gasson could be used in the dictionary in the place of the much longer written definition of 'woman'. It's what I'd use to explain to an alien genderless race visiting our planet what consumes the thoughts of men on this planet. And when Jodie gets to her teasy stripping to reveal her boobtastic wonderments, well, I'm guessing even the aliens would sprout their first wood. The sextastic is truly universal. Huzzah!

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