Humpday Huzzah! Summer St. Claire Topless Boobtastic Perfection for Midweek Melodies

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You know well my feelings that all girls named Summer are, by law, maybe natural law, bound to be hot. I'm sure there's some aberrations, but there's nothing aberrant about my deep lust for Britty hottie Summer St. Claire, who has the entire package of the name, the amazing looks, and a body that only a true Humpday Huzzah could honor.

In this middle of the workweek (well, I guess technically in a four day week we're still in the first half, but since I brought you serious booty on Monday, I'm counting this as my midweek) we celebrate all the good things that occur justly in between the heads and toes of our most sextastic favorites. What's going on in the middle of Summer St. Claire is currently driving me quite mad. That's mad meaning mad, and also mad meaning good. Enjoy.

(For all your summery hotness needs check out the Summer St. Claire official webpage.)

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