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India Reynolds Topless Wonderments Put the Mmm in Mammarial Monday

Behind the scenes shots of gloriously hot India Reynolds on a Monday morning? Yes, I'll take two servings of that please. Who says the work week has to only involve work? Or anything to do with work for that matter?

Let's be honest, you're not a slave to your boss, but you are a slave to extremely good looking bodacious bodied women. You'd kiss India Reynold's shoes if so ordered. Personally, I wouldn't wait for orders, I'd go dive in and apologize later. Hey, sexual fetish addiction (SFA) is a real disease. And India Reynolds is giving it to me very badly (or is that goodly?) this Mammarial Monday.

Bless you, India and our friends at Nuts magazine, for providing a ridiculously hot cushion landing for the return to Monday. Enjoy.

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