Jodie Gasson Topless Curvaceous Yellow Bikini Perfection for Ta-Ta-Tuesdays

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Every now and then you need a little less drama with all your fine funbags, and a little more straight up, hand-delivered, if not hand fondled chest fineries, the likes of which are deftly provided by Jodie Gasson, one of absolute favorite bouncy flouncy bodies on this planet.

On Ta-Ta-Tuesdays, we celebrate all that is upright and downright passion inducing. It's the most forgotten day of the week, but not soon forgotten are the inner tubes of Jodie Gasson appearing from beneath her unraveling bikini top in this bodacious pictorial from the Britty glamour model. I could nest in her maternal splendors for a fortnight and a day with nothing for sustenance save the beads of sweat from our hurricane force lovemaking. I might also need a PB&J sandwich. And, then, obviously, a glass of milk. But that's all. Jodie provides the rest. Enjoy.

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