Jodie Marsh Topless Tattooed Wonderments for The Naughty Crowd

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Count me in that crowd, most definitely. Though I will admit many of you out there are bigger Jodie Marsh fans than I, we never miss an opportunity to bring you a controversial nekkid inked up former body building boobtastic glamour model when we get the chance. I mean, it's kind of why we exist.

Featured in the new edition of the wicked Zoo magazine, Jodie Marsh shows that the definition of a perfect body is quite broad, expansive, and like her own chest, rather ginormous. For those that love the naughty, you must lust Jodie Marsh. The rest of you can pretend you don't while checking back several times to confirm. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out a bevy of topless goodness in the Jodie Marsh archive on

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