Laura Croft Looked Bikini Hot at Tao Beach Opening; Let's Look at Her Nekkid in Playboy

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This is my new favorite hobby I must admit. Seeing current day hotties looking amazing and then remembering with you when they appears nekkid in Playboy. I mean, stamp collecting is a blast, but this is so much better.

Former Hooters girl and model Laura Croft looked outright amazing in her bikini at the opening of the Tao Beach club for the summer season in Las Vegas.

There were a bunch of other model and celebrity hotties, but Laura stood out as the guy most likely to get people to actually come to the club. Plus, now we get part deux, the chance to see her nekkid.

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Thanks to our friends at PlayboyPlus for this memorable pictorial of Laura Croft flashing her bare wares. Quite a specimen of the female kind. It's hard to believe she was one day serving drooling fools like me hot wings. But, I do believe. Enjoy.

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