Lily Aldridge Covered Topless and Red Hot for Victoria's Secret

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Lily Aldridge certainly deserves a little more attention. I mean, any girl who can sell clothes by not really wearing any deserve a special type of salute. And while it would not be polite for a man to give that salute in public, take a look at Lily covering herself up barely for Victoria's Secret and you'll see what I'm saying.

I'm not exactly sure how the whole twisted body covered topless pose came into being, though I know I do love it. It's not exactly as if women walk around with their bodies contorted and their forearms covering their chest puppies. Though what a fine world that would be. While not the inventor, Lily Aldridge is one of the perfecters, so, today, we salute her. Not together mind you, but, each of us, privately. Enjoy.

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