Lucy Collett Topless White on Ginger Perfection

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I once saw somebody with a very big number of letters in their degree on daytime TV say that the more you love somebody, the prettier they become to you. It's been proven with science. Then all the ladies in the audience nodded their heads and agreed. And I shook my bowl of Fruity Pebbles in concurrence.

But I was thinking lust, not love. For clearly the more I lust a sweet hot ginger with the body faptastic like Lucy Collett, she surely seems to be getting prettier and prettier. I think that daytime female relationship expert was on to something, and maybe even without the aid of seeing such simply majesty as Lucy removing her white top over her ginger topped bodacious body to release her championship hounds.

Everybody seeks out the perfect relationship in life. A companion for the ages that fits you like a glove. I'll take Lucy Collett, and, yes, I will fit the glove. Enjoy.

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