Maria Fowler Barely Covered Topless Glorious Ginger Hotness in Loaded

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We first came to know Maria Fowler through her participation in the craptastic The Only Way Is Essex reality show. But we soon came to lust her through her various low cut dresses, panties peeks, and just exhibition of her faptastic ginger topped body. Well, this is what you might call the coup d'grace. Or I would, because I only know three or four things in French and probably spelled that one wrong as it is.

But this pictorial in Loaded magazine of the deliciously curvy Maria Fowler is simply and ridiculously sextastic. Wow. Almost makes me long for the time I used to feel magazines in my hand, in the dark, in my room, with a flashlight, and a lot of impure thoughts. Those were the days, only they didn't include Maria, yet. Enjoy.

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