Martha Medina Nekkid Pictures to Heal the Partisan Divide

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I'm not sure exactly how creative meetings go at Soho magazine, but the boys down Sudamericana way love their themes, today being politics, err, the partisan divide in their own nation of Colombia, not unlike our own, meaning, totally boring, without the addition of nekkid hot women that is. So, they did.

Martha Medina, a sultry model from down Colombia way and a contestant on their edition of Next Top Model, gets all into her Left (above) and Right (below) separate photoshoots, reflecting that stereotypes of both sides of the aisle can be hot if the debate is left entirely to which side shows the better booty and boobtastic. I abhor most everything to do with politic, but this could be the tipping point. Martha is much hotter than Lincoln. Enjoy.

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