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Miley Cyrus Topless Outtake Photo Hits the World Wide Web -- Or Does It?

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Miley Cyrus topless? Meh, I had to put down my happy hour drink for this one, which my Spidey Senses tell me is almost certainly a fake. Nevertheless, enough of you keep sending me this photo, and it is Miley and she's never been topless before in the two years we've been legally allowed to show you such, but...

If you look at the photo it does seem to be taken from an outtake set from her photoshoot for Maxim magazine after they named her the hottest woman in the known universe. If you look at the backside photo of Miley, a real one, you can see that she was definitely photographed without her top on during the shoot. And the clothes and jewelry are the same. But, are those Miley's real bare hooters? As I said, I remain unconvinced. But I am only right 72.4% of the time, maybe less even after a few cocktails. So, as always, I'll let Egotastic! CSI Division, meaning all of you, make the final call. Enjoy.

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