Miranda Kerr Topless Swimsuit Pictures.... Meh, Not Quite Yet, Hold Tight

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First, let me thank each and every thousand and one of you who sent us links to and copies of the Miranda Kerr topless photo outtakes from her stellar black swimsuit photoshoot last week. I assure you, the minute Miranda's faptastic MILFy funbags are exposed anywhere in the world, a built in klaxon fires off loudly inside my brain. It's my Ego Spidey senses. Unfortunately, INF, the sole agents of these photos, have yet to make them available to us and we do kind of try to follow most or at least some laws around here. I'm too good looking for prison. I promise you, we will have them for you as quickly as my poor negotiating skills can arrange.

In the meantime, you can see several samples of the Miranda Kerr topless photos quite legitimately from our friends at the U.K. Sun.

And, you can also soak up Miranda Kerr goodness in this brand new promotional shoot for Mango and imagine her top coming off. Hey, wanking existed quite well even in the buttoned up Victorian era. Don't be afraid to imagine. Enjoy.

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