Nicki Minaj Blasts Crazy Big Asstastic All Over the Billboard Music Awards

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There's no doubt Nicki Minaj and her big ole booty stole the show last night at the Billboard Music Awards. It wasn't really much of a show at that, and I had to watch with the volume off, but when Nicki's badonkadonk appeared in black stretch pants, well, I heard all kinds of noises. I suppose they were mostly inside my head and telling me to do all sorts of ungentlemanly type things, but an order is an order.

There's much to be wary of in regard to Nicki Minaj. I can see being in a relationship with her and every time I walked near a higher floor open window at least considering not hearing her voice again, but, that butt. Oh, that butt. That'd keep me from defenestrating because there can't possibly be anything that slappable in the next world. Enjoy.

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