Oliva Culpo's See Through Dress Helps The Great Gatsby Get Greater

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Wow, here she comes, Miss America, or, rather, Miss USA and Miss Universe, Oliva Culpo, jazzing up The Great Gatsby screening in New York by wearing a see-through dress top without any bra on beneath. And she pulls it off with flapper like aplomb, if I may say so.

We've not seen much of Olivia since her early splash after being named Miss Universe, but now we get to see a whole lot of her. I guess it was worth the wait. I certainly would have voted for her. Or, at least, called her back to my judicial chambers for a private time chance for her to explain precisely why she deserved to be crowned. I'm fair like that. Enjoy.

P.S I had to share Alyssa Miller looking all kinds of sideboob hot as well at the screening. Because, well, you know why.

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