Olivia Munn Bikini Pictures Are Sextastically Nippled in Esquire

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Welcome back, Olivia Munn. The actress and former fanboy faptastic fiend has been looking a bit overworked of late. Long hours, the stress of big time television, and perhaps some really crappy movies have led Olivia to be looking a little out of sorts. But consider this a mini-comeback in a big way for the girl who even now has 1,000,000 nerds on their Huffy bikes off to grab a Costco sized hand lotion dispenser. Hey, Olivia Munn bikini and poolside pictures from Esquire could drive even a fat kid to hit the old three speed.

The thing about the sextastic is that it never truly goes away. It hibernates perhaps at times, it can even be slightly disguised. But it's like an X-Men superpower. It will eventually surface. It can not be denied. Olivia Munn has got it. And now she's sharing once again. Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out the outtakes of Olivia Munn in Esquire. Super duper hotness.)

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