READER FINDS: Madonna Young and Nekkid, Jessica Chastain Topless, Leelee Sobieski Cleavetastic, and Much Much More...

What a week it was in the world of socially gifted sextastic celebrity photos. You guys and Sapphic leaning girls have been flooding our mailboxes and secret underground canals with your skin-filled suggestions for sharing with your fellow readers. What could possibly be more beautiful than this act of funbag filled benevolence? Well, I can't think of anything, though I am admittedly rather narrow a'focus in my life.

This week's Reader Finds includes McKayla Maroney in a self-shot bikini pic (thank you to EgoReader 'Kevin'), Emily DiDonato quite spectacularly see-through and Dana Delany quite spectacular all-over (kudos indeed to 'Michael G.' though we do need to inspect that latter shot a bit more), Miley Cyrus in a revealingly hot swimsuit (bless you 'James'), Yolanthe Sneijder nipple slip (from Dutch friend 'Pim J.), Lea Seydoux quite nekkid in Farewell, My Queen (contributed naughtily by 'Nancy'), Sharon Stone topless in The Specialist (clipped and shared by 'Devon'), Emily Blunt wicked hot in a Vriens McGrath photoshoot (delivered by 'Steve M.'), glamour hottie Melissa Debling bikini topless in a classic Zoo shoot (photo bombs dropped by 'Wendell'), Teresa Palmer looking Down Under delicious in Flaunt (mag pics supplied by 'Ethan'), Demi Lovato looking smoking in a M Tammaro photoshoot (Demi lover 'Siren' thought to share these), Leelee Sobieskione cleavy dominatrix onscreen (wow and thank you to 'Holden'), Jessica Chastain topless in Jolene (kudos to 'Bill D.' for these bare finds), Kim Kardashian photoshopped beauty (okay, c'mon 'Grant', but we honor your lust), Esme Bianco quite topless in the movies (donated by 'Lester'), what appears to be a quite young Madonna doing some nekkid modeling (controversial pics by way of 'Owen'), Alexina Graham ginger and topless (fruit treats provided by 'Chris'), and last, but definitely not the least sextastic, gloriously hot Josie Maran also quite topless in modeling pics (transmitted benevolently by 'Jim'). Enjoy.

Oh, and plenty thanks to EgoReader 'Ivan', who wanted to share Eva Longoria in a rarely seen or talked about extended lesbionic love scene from Without Men a movie nobody saw. But see it now. You must. Just, Spanish wow.

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