Shanna Moakler Says 'Breastfeeding Is Incest'; Let's Look at Her Nekkid

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As you know, my favorite new game here on Egotastic! A celebrity pops her head up in public to say or do something less than smart, and we just have to look at them nekkid. I suppose that doesn't make a lot of sense, but try explaining the rules of baseball to an alien and watch them roll their eyes too.

Shanna Moakler has been in the news this week because she told TMZ she believes her sweet funbags are reserved only for sex and that feeding a baby from her udders would be tantamount to incest. That's an odd thing to say. It makes little sense. But, hey, you feel like you feel. And if you start getting into the mind of Shanna Moakler, well, that's a corn maze you do not want to enter.

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Instead, thanks to our friends at Playboy Plus, let's just look at Shanna nekkid. It's where she really shines. Not saying anything stupid, just looking ridiculously hot without any clothes on in Playboy magazine. Admittedly, if I were her son, I can see the incest thing coming up, but more so as a teen, less as an infant. Enjoy.

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