Thank God It's Funbags! Kelly Hall Topless Photos Put the Holy in Holiday Sendoffs

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Do not go gentle into your holiday weekend, EgoReaders. There is no better day than Friday, and a Friday before a holiday weekend, well, forget about it. It's going to be off the hook as the kids who beat me up and steal my video game money like to say. Warm weather, barbecues, and bodacious bodies if you're lucky. Or, if you're Kelly Hall whose fabulous funbags we're using to send you off on your three-day bender.

Featured in a sunny spot in Page 3 magazine, Kelly Hall shows that brunettes have it every bit as good, and every bit as naughty, as their blonde glamour model counterparts. And speaking of parts, Kelly simply has some of the pertiest pairs on the planet. Certainly more than enough to inspire you to smoke some meat, as it were, this big BBQ weekend.

Have a truly debauched weekend, you've earned it, from all your friends at Egotastic!

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