VIEWER WARNING: Sneak Peek at Farrah Abraham Backdoor Teen Mom (VIDEO)

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Editor's Note: Okay, you've been warned. While this Exclusive sneak peek for Egotastic! Readers from our friends at Vivid isn't the whole tale, or tail, as it were, there's plenty of NSFW content in this video, so please don't watch it and then get angry and grumpy and send me an angry letter about how you didn't know a movie called Backdoor Teen Mom was going to look like that.

Either way, it's finally here. I feel like we've been waiting for years, but really it's Farrah Abraham who has been waiting for years to have all kinds of sodomy on film, while we've only really been waiting a few weeks since word of her sordid deed with James Deen got leaked. What can i tell you about this tape? Well, take a look, you'll get a solid idea. I'm holding back my official review on Farrah Superstar, Backdoor Teen Mom until Rotten Tomatoes allows true cinema to be reviewed on their site. Enjoy.

For those of you who want to see it all, check out Backdoor Teen Mom and All Vivid Celebrity Sex Tapes

Update: the video has been pulled from so many hosts now, so back to VideoBam. Be aware this video provider runs ads of an adult nature against the video. Click at your own discretion. And please, hit the 'close to play' tab below and not the play button on the advertisement.

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