About Those Kate Upton Topless Bikini Pictures From Last Night

Since some of you saw it in your RSS feeds before it went away, let me un-confound  you. Even though we were somewhat skeptical of the censored Kate Upton topless beach photos that were running in the UK Daily Mail all day yesterday, we worked to purchase the uncensored version of the photos, you know, because we love our Readers. Plus, I'm sitting on gold coins like Scrooge McDuck here. And, we did tentatively buy them at some time in the middle of the night U.S. time.

But no sooner had we put them up then we were informed that the UK Daily Mail and the British seller were no longer standing by their story. The British newspaper pulled their own version of the photos. As did we, unless we wanted to be on the hook for a large bill for photos of a girl now almost certainly not Kate Upton on the beach. We try our damnedest to never to post fake or misleading photos. If there's any reason to ever believe they are, or were, Kate, I will obviously re-post them. Everybody wants to see Kate Upton topless. Trust me, I am one of them.

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